Bee Diet

This is the most nutritious and delicious natural food prepared by mixing royal jelly, bee bread (pollen when deposited in honey comb) and special honey from forest source. So, the bee diet contains all nutrient elements essential for our proper growth and development and various useful hormones, enzymes and several medicines that are highly vital from the point of better health. Therefore, it is a complete honey bee food very special for all age of people. Its regular usages enhance proper growth and development, lengthens the period of youngness and gives lots of energy. This is also called “brain tonic” as it helps to develop brain properly in growing children and increase memory power. It may not be suitable for those people who have pollen allergy. Daily use of two spoonful of this product gives all benefits of honey, pollen and royal jelly. So, there is no need to take honey, pollen and royal jelly separately.

250gm@Nrs.400 500gm@Nrs.800
(Packed on orders only)
(Packed on orders only)

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