Discover the natural wonders of honey with us.

The Pumpkin Grocer is a private enterprise was established under under Nepal Government act in 2013. Enterprise aims to promote the Nepalese products in both national and international market. We are basically concern with Agro based products. From the beginning of its establishment, we are promoting Nepalese Honey and various value added bee products.
We are partnered with Gorkha Bee, a 15 years old bee industry which is producing honey from various floral sources and value added bee products like bee diet, honey tonic, propolis tincture/honey/extract, bees wax ointment, royal jelly cream, mosquito repellent cream, bees wax candles etc in commercial scale. This is only a firm that produces bee pollen and royal jelly in commercial scale in Nepal.
We at simply sell great Nectar Honey. It is all-natural, raw, and unprocessed. This means we don’t heat our honey, add water, homogenize flavors, or used pressurized filters to process the honey. You will notice a difference in the flavor, texture, and freshness of our honey. This is because our honey is raw, or has not been heated in the bottling process.
We strive to keep our bees away from pesticide use. We work constantly to have sustainability by improving bee genetics to combat colony collapse disorder instead of using pesticides and drugs in our beehives. We also leave bees enough honey to survive the winter instead of feeding them sugar syrup.
You can feel really good about buying our honey and other value added bee products.

  • - Diversification of honey bee products in commercial scale.
  • - Promote the mono flora and mix flora honey.
  • - Aware consumers about the health benefits of honey and bee products.
  • - Create and develop the market for Nepalese Honey and Bee products nationally and   internationally.
  • - Value addition in honey and bee products for export market.

Honey’s Natural Benefits/Uses

  • - Nature'€™s Sweetener
    - Nature’s Energy Food
    - Nature’s Skin Care
    - Nature’s Cough Suppressant
    - Control and regulate blood sugar
    - Allergy Treatment
    - Healing wounds and burns